Unknown error in Firestick Downloader

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Downloader is such a great application for downloading third-party applications to your Firestick. Through this app, you can easily install third-party apps on your Firestick. 

But recently a lot of people are finding some errors in Downloader. Whenever they want to download any apps, an unknown error pops up on your display. 

Like this:

Unknown error in Downloader.

So in this article, we are going to show you how to solve this issue, step by step. 

Let’s get to it, Shall we?

Solving the issue.

Method 1: Clear Data

1. The first thing you are going to do is head over to the settings.

Firestick Settings

2. Then go inside the Application.

Firestick applications Settings

3. Then go to “Manage Installed Applications”.

Manage Installed Applications on Firestick.

4. Then scroll down until you see “Downloader” and press OK on your Firestick remote.

Downloader Clear Data

5. Then look for “Clear Data” and press OK on your Firestick remote.

 Clear Data of Downloader

6.  Press OK on your Firestick remote one more time.

 Clear Data of Downloader

7. Then return from here and scroll up to “Launch Application” and press OK.

Launch Downloader

8. Then it will take you inside of the Downloader and you must hit “Allow.” 

Allow permissions on Downloader

9. Then press ‘OK’

Allow permissions on Downloader

Now if you try it, it should work like before and there won’t be any unknown errors. 

But if it doesn’t work, unfortunately, then there is always a backup method. 

Method 2:  Reinstall Downloader.

If the first method doesn’t work for you, then you can always reinstall the Downloader from the Amazon App Store.

1. Head over to the settings like before.

2. Then go inside the Application.

3. Then go to “Manage Installed Applications”.

4. Then once again, scroll down until you see “Downloader” and press OK on your Firestick remote.

5. Then scroll down and click on “Uninstall.”

Uninstall Downloader

6. Then hit “Confirm.” 

Uninstall Downloader

Then it will start uninstalling.

Uninstall Downloader

7. After that, go back to the Home page and go to Search.

Firestick app store

8. Type “Downloader” in the search box and it usually pops up right away. Then hit OK on your remote.

Search For Downloader

9. Select Downloader and press “OK” on your remote again.

Install Downloader

10. Press OK once more.

Download Downloader

And it will start downloading. 

Download Downloader

11. After finishing the download, press Open

Open Downloader

12. And once again, you must hit Allow.

Allow permissions on Downloader

13. Then press OK

Allow permissions on Downloader

Make sure you are using a VPN. VPN protects your privacy online.

Giving access to Downloader

After downloading it, you have to grant access to the Downloader so that it can install third-party applications on your Firestick.

1. Once again, head to Settings.

2. Go to My Fire TV.

3. Go to the Developer Option and press OK.

If you can’t find the developer option on your Firestick, then Click Here.

Developer Option

4. Then go to Install unknown apps.

Install unknown apps

5. Find Downloader and press OK.

Allow Downloader to Install

Now go to the Home page and that should be it. You can again install third-party apps from the Downloader.

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