Top 10 Most Important Rules Of Content Writing.

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Have you ever had an experience where you have content on an amazing topic but aren’t attracting any audiences and you are struggling to get traffic on your blog site? Then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we are going to talk about how to attract an audience or readers. And to do so, You need to follow some basic rules of content writing. And I can assure you if you follow those rules your content will blast like a stick of dynamite and you will have so much traffic to your blog site if you follow some rules of content writing.

 Let’s get started

In my opinion, there are 10 impactful rules of content writing one should follow. This sounds a lot but these rules are really helpful for any type of content writer from beginner to professional.

  1. Recognize your readers.
  2.  Write 100% original content.
  3. Apply the inverted pyramid model.
  4. Using a short and simple sentence format.
  5. Write in an active voice.
  6. Make your sentences easy to understand.
  7. Keep your paragraph short.
  8. Research your topic properly.
  9. Write in a unique style.
  10. Create content interesting for your readers.

Wait for the end for some extra tips.

Rules of Content Writing

  1. Recognize your readers

If you are writing content about any particular topic, the first thing you have to do is to know the particular audience for that topic. What I meant by that is that suppose you are writing content about dog foods, so your target audience will be those people who own a dog. If you don’t know what kind of readers will attract your blog then you should research your topic.

  1. Write 100% original content

When writing any content the last thing you wanna do is to copy others’ content. This will badly impact your flow as well as your readers. Also if you are doing any client’s work then copying another person’s work will have a bad impression on your skill. One thing you can do is improvise other content. You can first research your content and then improvise what you read. But always try to write content that comes freshly from your mind. 

  1. Apply the inverted pyramid model

We all know that now the readers have a very low-interest span. If the reader doesn’t get attached to your content in the beginning then they will skip your page in a second, cause they have a huge amount of options to search from.

So, what should you do? You should follow the inverted pyramid model. As per the model, the main and important content should be on the top, so the readers get attracted by that and then continue reading the rest. So, you should put your important and interesting content at the top and get their attention. After that keep them engaged with lots of facts and data.

  1. Using a short and simple sentence format

 The hardest part of a content writer is to keep the reader or audience attached to their content. Because the readers get bored so easily. If your sentences are too big then they won’t continue reading your content. So to avoid that you should keep your sentences short and simple. That will keep them reading.

  1. Write in an active voice

Readers will find it uncomfortable when content writers write their content in a passive voice. So they lose interest fast. To prevent that, always try to write in an active voice so that they find that interesting. Yes, there may be one or two passive voices, but that amount should be as low as possible.

  1. Make your sentences easy to understand

To catch your audience’s attention you must follow a simple writing process. I mean, write in a format that everyone could understand easily and make their reading experience as comfortable as possible. To do so, make your word easy, and don’t use unnecessary hard synonyms.

Use simple words to describe what you are trying to say. That will make readers continue reading your blog or content. You have to think about all kinds of readers. Not all of them will have high English skills. SO make your sentences easy to understand.

  1. Keep your paragraph short

Readers lose their patience in a couple of sentences. So if your contents paragraph is too big then maximum readers will avoid reading that. They won’t feel interested in your content. That’s why to keep your paragraph as short as possible. That doesn’t mean making it too short. Then the audience will think your content lacks information. So make your content short but not too short. Find that confusing? You will know after some practice.

  1. Research your topic properly

One thing you have to keep in mind is that readers come to your blog site for only one reason and that is to find whether what they are looking for is present in your content or not. So if they don’t find what they are looking for they will immediately leave your page. So to engage them with your content make it as informative as possible.

If they find what they are looking for they will keep reading your content and possibly share it. And you will get more traffic to your site. When researching your topic try to note the heading and subheadings. And how other writers wrote their content. That will give a brief idea of how to start your content.

  1. Write in a unique style

Always keep in mind that there is a lot of other content for your audience to read besides yours. So if they find your content similar to other writers they will think that you copied from others. So after researching your topic write in a style that is unique from others.

The information could be the same but if your style is unique from others then the readers will think that you have great knowledge about your expertise. And also try to write in your signature style so if the readers read your other content they will surely love your style.

  1. Create content interesting for your readers

If your content is not interesting enough then the readers won’t read it. They will go to another site. Obviously, you don’t want that. So make your content interesting. If your content is big then try to attach some examples or give some personal experience or maybe put some interesting questions and answer them yourself. By doing this kind of thing the readers will get entertained and won’t skip your content.

Extra Tips and tricks for Content Writing

  1. The audience always wants fresh content. So before giving any information always check if it has changed or not. Because some information keeps changing over time.
  2. Try to categorize your content, so that if the readers want to read a specific portion of your content they could easily do so.
  3. If you want to reach more audiences then you should study more about wordplay. Because the browser keeps those kinda posts on the first page that is well written. 
  4. Make use of some content creation tools. Not always your content will be good or unique. So use some tools like to check if your content is plagiarism-free and to check if your grammar is good or not use


All readers have their unique tastes in content. So yes not all of them will like your content. But to make most of them like your content your should follow these rules of content writing and keep those tips and tricks in your mind. Practice a lot with your style and you will get to your unique style. Keep researching more and more. The more your research the more your knowledge will expand.

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