Ridley Scott's The Martian

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The Martian is a really great movie. This movie has a very good sense of humor as well as some great story plots. Also, this movie’s science is really well explained. No one will feel bored while watching this movie. Today we are gonna write a review about this great movie.

Release Date of The Martin

The Martian movie premiered at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2015, and at the London premiere on September 24, 2015. This movie was released in the UK on September 30, 2015, and in the USA on October 2, 2015.

About The Directors

Sir Ridley Scott is the director of this movie. He is an English film director and producer. He directed some of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time, such as Alien (1979), Prometheus (2012), Blade Runner 2049 (2017), etc. Scott directed other genre movies too. His way of direction is very unique from others. 

About The Writers

The Martian Movie was an adaptation of the well-known book, The Martian, by Andy Weir. But the screenplay was written by  Drew Goddard. He did a great job writing the screenplay as it was so accurate to the book.


The Martian movie is directed by Ridley Scott and stars Matt Damon and a massive cast that would be pointless to list because it’s huge. This movie was an adaptation of the great book “The Martian” by Andy Weir which is very successful. This movie was based on an astronaut who was left behind on Mars during a mission. They thought he was dead, so they flew off, But to their surprise, he was not.

But now it will take a lot of time to get someone back to Mars, he has to figure out how to survive on this planet that doesn’t grow any food and with a bare minimum of resources with nothing but his knowledge and smarts. He has to figure out just long enough to get rescued. It doesn’t matter what the film is about, if Ridley Scott’s directing it is sure to be a great film.

This film was one of Ridley Scott’s classics. The Martian is one of the best movies that came out in 2015.  I mean this movie is hilarious and very funny along with very intense. This movie has a great sense of humor. 

Story of The Martian

The story starts with a group of astronauts, who were on a mission to the planet Mars. They were collecting samples from Mars. And suddenly an enormous sand storm appeared before them. So the captain of that group Melissa Lewis (Jessica Chastain) ordered them to get on the ship and they will board the mission. During that process, our star, Mark Watney (Matt Damon) had hit by an antenna and slew away by the storm, and everyone thought he was dead.

After the storm, we found out that Mark wasn’t dead. But he did have some critical injuries. Which he treated himself. But when he found out that his teammates were all gone, instead of freaking out, or getting depressed, he became the most optimistic man you’ll ever meet. He began to calculate all possible ways of surviving on that planet. First, he calculated the supplies he had and found out he didn’t have much. So he had to grow crops on a planet that had no water and oxygen.

Fortunately, he was a botanist. So he began to think about how to grow crops on Mars. And he came out with a plan, he collected his own shit, and started making water with the hydrogen fuel. He overcame every challenge.

After 1 month. NASA found out that Mark is indeed alive. So they started to think about how to bring him back to earth alive. But they hide that information from Mark’s teammates. Because they’re on a greater mission in the space station. So they secretly made a rocket to send supplies to Mark. But unfortunately, the ship has destroyed. And they were left with no other way.

When they began to lose hope, the Chinese government came to help. Meanwhile, Mark’s teammate came to know about Mark being alive. So, they decided to save Mark from Mars. And the Chinese government sent more supplies to them so that they can travel to Mars and bring back Mark.

They made some critical decisions about their plan and after facing some difficulties they successfully saved Mark. After that Mark became a NASA professor.

Story twist

There are so many critical twists in this movie. Some are big and some are small. The first major twist was when Mark accidentally blew his crops garden and destroyed 1 year’s worth of food.  This was very unfortunate for him. Food was the main issue for his survival. But after destroying his crop field, he became more helpless on that remote planet.

And then, when the NASA scientists told him to remove all the windows and the upper part of his spacecraft. Hearing that he left so astonished. How would you fly to space without any protection?

And the last and the biggest plot twist was when Mark’s teammate tried to rescue him from Mars, they miscalculated some details and that changed their path and that became a big mess, so Marks had to cut his oxygen cable to fly to them.

Visuals Effects

Richard Stammers was the visual effects supervisor of The Martian movie. He works for Moving Picture Company. There weren’t many visual effects in this movie but as much there were, he and his team did a great job perfecting those.

Musical theme, Cinematography and Sets

The Martian has an awesome soundtrack. Each song that has played in that movie was perfect for those situations. There is some intense music, some funny and some other music too. And the music director of The Martian, Harry Gregson-Williams manages to fascinate all of us with his music direction.

Dariusz Wolski is the head cinematographer of The Martian and we all know how Wolski was perfect in his field of work. The cinematograph was top of the chart.

The Martian filming places are in Jordan, and the indoor sets were set up in Budapest, and Etyek in Hungry. These places, with the help of visual effects, were completed to look like Mars.


The budget of The Martian movie was 108 Million USD. If you consider the budget of this movie, it will seem such a small amount. Because the movie was fantastic as its budget.

Box Office Collection

Compared to other great movies or other movies that were a hit at the box office, the budget of this movie was short, only 108 Million USD. Despite its budget, this movie also had a hit at the box office. This movie grossed a total of 228 Million USD in the USA and 401 Million USD worldwide, which stands for a total of 639 Million USD. This movie has played in a total of 3831 theaters.


Despite its budget, this movie was a big success at the box office as well as among the audience too. 

This movie had a rating of 91% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, with 384 votes, which is huge.

On IMDb, this movie got an average audience rating of 8/10. 

Common Sense Media gave this movie 4/5  ratings.

Celebrity’s comments

In a statement to Bustle, Andy Weir, the writer of “The Martian” book, says, “I’m very happy with the film! Yeah, they made some changes. They had to pull things out, or the film would be 5 hours long. But overall it’s a very faithful adaptation of the book and we are happy with how it turned out.”

Famous astrophysicist and host of StarTalk Radio Neil deGrasse Tyson was surprisingly sassy in his review of the sci-fi epic “The Martian.” He said in his tweet, “Evidence that The Martian movie is fantasy: All who make important decisions are scientifically literate.”

Overview of The Martian

The Martian movie was based on a book, ‘The Martian’, by Andy Weir. The movie is about a man(Mark), who was left behind on Mars. His crewmate thought he was dead, but fortunately, he wasn’t. But now that an enormous time will take to send supplies from Earth to Mars.

He has to figure out how to survive on a planet that doesn’t grow food and with barely any supplies with nothing but his knowledge and smartness. And that’s all he has. He figured out how to wait just long enough to rescue. This movie was one of Ridley Scott’s classics. The Martian was one of the best movies that came out in 2015.

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