Surfshark VPN Installation Guide

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While using a Firestick online is convenient, it isn’t exactly a private way to browse. If you’re used to browsing the web through a VPN on your phone or computer, you might be hesitant to use the Fire TV Stick in the same way. Fortunately, we have a solution: Surfshark on Firestick.

Surfshark is a VPN service that allows you to access content from anywhere in the world. If you live in the United States, for example, you can trick Netflix into delivering content from its European service. Alternatively, if you’re traveling around the world and your preferred US content isn’t available where you’re staying, a VPN can help!

Why should you use Surfshark VPN on your FireStick?

Surfshark is an excellent tool for increasing your online privacy and security. It protects your browsing history from your ISP and other bad actors. It blocks advertisements, trackers, and even malware. Basically, if you’re using Surfshark VPN, everything you do online is now encrypted.

It does not keep track of your information.

It does not log any of your browsing activity, unlike some other providers, preventing targeted advertising and other forms of information theft. Surfshark is governed by the British Virgin Islands, which is how they can enforce this policy.

They provide trustable security.

On top of that, the VPN safeguards you against identity theft. While using one, all of your log-in and personal information is completely secure. They also conducted a third-party security audit, which revealed no issues with the project.

Keep in mind that using some third-party apps on your Fire TV Stick, such as Kodi, requires you to stream illegally obtained content. A VPN protects you from being discovered.

Simple to Use

All of these features appear to be difficult to use, don’t they? Surfshark on Firestick, on the other hand, is extremely simple to use. Simply connect to the VPN, select a region, and all of the work is done for you. Of course, we’ll go into more detail later.

There are no other perplexing steps to take. You just turn it on and you’re done (after the initial setup process, of course.)

Endless Content Is Available

As previously stated, using a VPN enables you to access Netflix and other service content from anywhere in the world. Some content on Netflix and other streaming platforms is country-specific. There are no restrictions on what you can watch when using a VPN.

How to Install Surfshark on your FireStick

Fortunately, there is already a native Surfshark app for the Amazon Fire TV Stick, so installation is simple.

However, if you are unable to access Surfshark via the main store for whichever reason, you can always sideload the application.

NOTE: If you already installed Surfshark on your FireStick using the first method, you can skip this step. The sideloading method is only available to those who are unable to locate Surfshark in the Amazon Store.

The Surfshark VPN for FireStick is sideloaded by downloading the .apk file. To do so, navigate to the Settings page on your Firestick.

1. Browse to the Settings section of your Fire TV Stick.

Firesick Device

2. Choose My Fire TV/Device. This will differ depending on your device.

3. Once clicked, navigate to Developer Options.

If you can’t find the developer option, Click Here.

Developer Option

4. Select “Apps from Unknown Sources” and select ON.

Apps from Unknown Sources

Now that you can install apps from untrusted sources, it’s time to get the Surfshark VPN.apk file. The following are the steps to take:

1. Return to your search bar and type in “Downloader.”

Search Downloader

2. Select the application and press “Get” to begin the download.

Get Downloader

3. After installation, launch the application.

4. Use the URL searcher to navigate to Alternatively, go to and type in “Surfshark,” and the website should come up.

Search Surfshark VPN on Downloader

5. Scroll down and select the Amazon Fire TV app.

6. A link to the Amazon Store is provided. Simply click on it.

7. Sign in and download the file.

Download Surfshark VPN on Downloader

8. After downloading, click “Install” and accept any warning screens that appear.

9. Once the installation is complete, let the Fire Stick delete the .apk file.

How to Change Servers on Surfshark VPN

Sometimes you don’t want to connect to a random country. Perhaps you want to view Netflix content that is only available in Germany or something similar. This is a simple task. Let’s look at how.

Step 1: On the left side of the application, you can select a country from a list. Alternatively, you can use the app’s search bar to look up the country.

Change Server on Surfshark VPN

Step 2: After selecting a country, you will be connected to the nearest available server.

Change Server on Surfshark VPN

Step 3: Determine whether you want a static or multi-hop IP address. Static means you’ll always have the same IP address when you connect. MultiHop means that you will connect to two VPN servers in different countries at the same time. Why? It’s useful for added security.

You can also mark servers as favorites so that you can easily return to them. If you have favorite content in different countries around the world, this is a good idea. The platform has over 3200 servers in over 65 countries to choose from, so you should have no trouble finding the ones you prefer.


Surfshark is a reasonably dependable VPN service for your Amazon Fire TV Stick. It allows you to watch shows from anywhere in the world while also browsing securely during your normal sessions.

If you’ve been looking for a way to install Surfshark on Firestick, this guide should have been useful.

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