Solve No Sound on FireStick

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Today, we’ll show you how to solve the No Sound issue on FireStick. This tutorial covers various issues and how you can solve them and restore sound on your FireStick. 

Before considering any hardware defects, we recommend completing all the steps to ensure that you have ruled out all possible circumstances.

If you’ve been looking for ways to fix the no sound on FireStick, this article will help you find the solution.

If you encounter any other problems, please see our dedicated guide on the most frequent FireStick difficulties and their solutions.

Solve No Sound on FireStick

Here are some of the simplest ways for getting your FireStick’s sound working again. We recommend trying them all to determine the source of the problem.

Solution 1: Adjust Surround Sound Settings

One of the most common causes of no sound is a clash in Surround Sound settings between your FireStick and the speaker. Surround sound technology can only sometimes work properly on older speakers. As a result, the sound is muted or non-existent.

To resolve this issue, you may need to update or reset your surround sound system.

Follow these steps to ensure that you are using the proper settings.

1. Go to the FireStick settings.


2.  Go to Display & Sound.

Firestick settings

3. On the next screen, choose Audio.

Firestick audio settings

4. Select Surround Sound.

Surround Sound settings

5. Modify the current setting and select Best Available.

Solution 2: Adjust the Audio Video Sync

If the surround sound repair does not work for you, the Audio Video Sync settings may be incorrect. The most common indication that this setting is to blame is audio latency.

It occurs when the audio does not correspond to the current frame of the video. On the other hand, the AV Sync is relatively simple to correct on the FireStick.

Keep the following steps in mind for quick synchronization adjustments:

1. Go to the FireStick Settings page.

2. Select Display & Audio.

3. Select Audio.

Audio settings on Firestick

4. Open AV Sync Tuning.

5. Use the left and right buttons on your remote to move the ball to match the interconnected click and flash.

If you hear the click and see the flash at the same time, your AV Sync is correctly adjusted, and there are no issues with this option.

Solution 3. Inspect the AV Output Device

If you have an external speaker connected to the device you are now using with FireStick, make sure all connections are proper and the receiving device is turned on.

The output device frequently causes sound difficulties with TVs.

However, before proceeding to the next phase, check the following items to rule out any other options.

1. The connecting wires (if using a wired speaker) or wireless connection are in good working order.

2. The external speaker is linked to the same device as you.

3. The audio output device is set to an external speaker.

4. The output device’s volume is not set to mute or low.

Typically, the conditions stated above are the only ones that can cause audio loss. However, by detaching the output device from the input device and using the built-in speakers as the audio source, you can immediately rule out problems with the output device.

Solution 4: Manually set up the Soundbar

If you use an external sound system, the FireStick OS may be unable to automatically configure it. As a result, you may need to manually configure the device from the FireStick settings.

Do you want to know how to manually add a soundbar to a FireStick? Then, proceed with the steps below.

1. Go to the FireStick settings.

2. Click on Equipment Control.

3. Choose Manage Equipment.

manage equipment settings on Firestick

4. Choose Add Equipment. 

5. Select Soundbar.

Soundbar settings on firestick

6. Locate the connected Soundbar and enable TV audio output.

If you can’t find the connected sound system, it may be incompatible with your TV. The only way to solve this issue is to use another soundbar.

Solution 5: Check the Audio Capability of the HDMI Port

Other than televisions, FireSticks can be plugged in and utilized with devices that have HDMI connections. Even though the ports appear to be the same, their operating principles are not.

For example, unlike HDMI ports on a TV, some do not support video-in or audio. The most typical scenario in which this may occur is when utilizing a FireStick with a monitor or a personal computer.

The HDMI connector will not be able to create an output for the speakers to identify because it cannot recognize the encrypted audio signals from a FireStick. However, keep in mind that many monitors lack built-in speakers.

On TVs, the incompatibility of the HDMI port with the FireStick AV signal is not an issue.

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Solution 6: Update The FireStick System

The FireStick OS is routinely updated with new features and system stability improvements. If your FireStick hasn’t been updated in a while, your system may have run out of app support.

An out-of-date system may cause core functioning difficulties such as sound inconsistency, display flickering, or app incompatibility. If you are experiencing system problems, you should check for the latest system updates and upgrade as needed.

To check and update your FireStick, follow these steps.

1. Open settings.

2. Select My Fire TV.

My Fire TV settings on Firestick

3. Select About.

4. Select Install Updates.

Updates will be installed automatically if they are available for you. If no updates are available, the FireStick OS will display a popup.

Solution 7: Adjust the Affected Apps

If the audio loss occurs only when using specific apps, your FireStick or external speakers may be fine.

There could be three explanations for this.

1. The apps are incompatible with the FireStick operating system.

Concerning the first reason, there is nothing you can do. You can, however, always leave feedback that describes the problem to the app’s developer.

2. The apps are obsolete.

If the apps are out of date, you should download an updated version from the Amazon App Store.

3. The apps have outdated cache files.

You may always remove the app cache in the FireStick settings.

Cache clearing will delete any unsuitable cache files from your apps. After you’ve completed all of these steps, reopen the app to check whether the problem persists.

Solution 8: Restart FireStick

Restarting is one of the quickest ways to resolve software issues on all devices. Similarly, rebooting a FireStick will sometimes resolve an audio problem.

You might be surprised at how many problems can be solved by simply restarting the FireStick. As a result, restarting the FireStick should be one of the first things you attempt if there is no sound output.

You can restart the FireStick by following the steps below.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select My Fire TV.

3. Select Restart.

Restart your Firestick

However, you can unplug the FireStick from your device and then plug it back in after a few moments.

It also restarts your Firestick.

Check out why you should restart your Firestick frequently.

Restart your Firestick

Solution 9: Reset FireStick

If none of the previously stated approaches work, you might wish to look into hardware or system software issues. Resetting the FireStick is the best approach to rule out software issues.

Resetting your FireStick will erase all data and settings and return it to its original factory configuration. When you start experiencing a lot of error messages or performance issues with your FireStick device, resetting to factory defaults is the best option.

Here’s how to restart your FireStick.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Navigate to My Fire TV.

3. Select Restore Factory Default.

4. From the popup menu, choose Reset.

You may need to set up your FireStick again after resetting it to use all of its services.


This article went over all of the possible DIY remedies for no sound on FireStick.

If you’re still experiencing audio issues, your device may have a hardware problem. In that situation, contact Amazon customer support for further assistance.

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