Man Vs Bee Review.

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Man VS Bee is Rowan Atkinson’s most recent work with Netflix. Which is a great mini-series to watch. People of all ages can enjoy this show. Today we will write a brief review of this Man Vs Bee series.

We all know how talented and mind-blowing Rowan Atkinson is. His Mr. Bean character is legendary. He showed us that a good comedy doesn’t need dialogue. You can entertain anyone with just facial and body expressions.

Release Date of Man Vs Bee

This series was announced on 13 December 2020. The cast and release date were published on 14 April 2022. The trailer of the series has released on 26 May 2022. And on 24 June 2022, they released all nine episodes together on Netflix.

About The Directors

David Kerr is the director of Man vs Bee. His debut feature film, Johnny English Strikes Again is such a gem. He is a very professional and creative director.

About The Writers

This series is created and written by Rowan Atkinson and William Davies. They have done a great job writing this perfect funny series. Their vision of this funny Trevo Character is extraordinary.

The cast of Man Vs Bee


Man vs. Bee is a 2022 British comedy streaming tv series created and written by Rowan Atkinson and William Davies. The show includes nine episodes, each directed by David Kerr. Most of the series is set in a luxurious mansion, featuring an annoying bee and a protagonist, who happens to be a blameless man. That man finds that bee very troublesome and tries to get out of the mansion, but that bee no matter what always ends up in the house.

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Story Plot of Man Vs Bee

Man Vs Bee follows Trevo (Rowan Atkinson), a well-hearted dad looking to get his life back on track so that he can go on holiday with his beloved daughter. Luckily he has just found a new job at Housesitters Deluxe, where workers house-sit for clients when they are away from their homes, more like a temporary housekeepers.

So on his first job, he ends up taking care of a very wealthy woman’s luxurious mansion filled with the classic wealthy person aesthetics, including expensive sculptures, fancy cars, and even an automated piano. There is also a dog named Cupcake, but for the most part, the job seems pretty easy when it starts.

But things take a huge turn when a sneaky bumblebee enters the house and begins to annoy Trevor to the point where he proceeds to a war on the flying to remove him from the residence. 

Unfortunately, the bee is not an enemy that can get rid of with ease. It manages to avoid every weapon that the hapless Trever uses, including a microwave, a whisk, various toxic aerosols, and even a flame thrower.

Clash with the bee

It’s simple that, despite the size, the bee has the advantage over that poor man who becomes increasingly frantic in his journey to get rid of it. You will be busy laughing rather than feeling sorry for him. Atkinson is always very comfortable with his special brand of physical comedy.

Whether he’s dancing around in front of a policeman because the bee has flown inside his trouser or swinging his arms around in a desperate way to trigger the motion-controlled closets, Atkinson manages to make us laugh with his funny face and dramatic bodily movements.

We all knew from the very beginning that Trever will cause chaos in such ways, not because of the show’s opening court scene but the starting sequence within the mansion. 

Musical theme, Cinematography, and Sets

Lorne Balfe composed this series’s music. The 20-track soundtrack and all the episodes were released side by side on 24 June 2022.

The great cinematographer Karl Óskarsson is the main cinematographer of this series. His sense of filming anything is a pure gem.

The series had filmed in 12 weeks and the interior scenes at Bovingdon Studios, Hertfordshire, and exterior scenes throughout Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.


On IMDb Man Vs Bee got 7/10 and On Rotten Tomatoes this series got 62% on AVERAGE TOMATOMETER and 61% on AVERAGE AUDIENCE SCORE based on 1000+ reviews.

NDTV Gadgets 360 give this series 3.4 out of 5.


Netflix produced Man Vs Bee, which is a comedy genre mini tv series.

The main actor in this series is Rowan Atkinson. He finds himself at a war with a bee while housesitting a luxurious mansion. The bee keeps annoying him and makes him go crazy. And he begins to chase that bee and tries to capture it. But who will win, and what unrepairable damage will happen in the process?

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