District 9

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District 9 is a great movie in the sci-fi genre. If you consider the budget of this movie to its quality, then this movie is such a brilliant piece of work.

Release Date of District 9

District 9 was released on August 13, 2009, in the USA as well as the whole World.

About The Directors

Neill Blomkamp is the director of ‘District 9’. This is his first feature film.  Blomkamp is a South African-Canadian film director, screenwriter, producer, and animator. He is a very talented director. His work in the field is enormous. He has directed some great movies including this. Elysium(2013), Chappie (2015), and Rakka(2017) are some of his brilliant works.

About The Writers

Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell are the writers of District 9. Amazingly, Blomkamp is the co-writer of this movie as well as the director. Because this movie is Blomkamp’s first feature film, he had to put some extra work into writing the scripts. He and Terri took a long 2 years to write the scripts for District 9.

Introduction  of District 9

District 9 is a 2009 science fiction action film, directed by talented director Neill Blomkamp. This movie is based on an alternate 1982, where a giant spaceship arrives on the earth, and floats over the South African city Johannesburg. People were trying to figure out the purpose of that spacecraft. Later scientists found out that there were almost a Million lobster-looking aliens inside of that ship. So the South African government decides to give permits to those aliens to live alongside the people. And after almost two decades the aliens can get to their ship and go return to their home planet.

Main Story

In a different 1982, a huge extraterrestrial spacecraft arrives on Earth and floats over the South African city of Johannesburg. An investigation team finds out that over one million skinny aliens are inside, and the South African government decides to relocate them to a terrestrial slum camp called District 9. The aliens were living alongside people in that slum. But the people of Johannesburg find those aliens annoying and cunning. They are calling those aliens ‘Prawns’ as they look like lobsters. So they began to force the South African government to shift those aliens to some other place far from Johannesburg.

The government decides to relocate those aliens from Johannesburg to some other place that is 200 km away. So the government put in charge of this operation to the MNU, Multi-National United, a private weapon manufacturing company. So the MNU decides to give those prawns a deal, as per the deal they must have to shift their residence to that other location or they die in District 9. Those prawns have no other option but to leave district 9. But in that process, our main Protagonist, Wicus(Sharlto Copley) is put in charge of that mission.

Wicus was assigned to get signatures from the prawns. He goes door to door, but the maximum aliens decline the offer as they don’t want to leave the slum. So the security has to force them to sign.

While this process Wicus finds out that some of the aliens are hiding alien weapons and doing some suspicious work, So to investigate he starts searching and finds a small tube while opening that tube some fluid splashes into his mouth and he starts vomiting. 

So the security begins to question the alien who owns that house, but suddenly that alien begins to fight them, so they have to kill him. But later that day, Wicus finds some changes in his body, his nails are coming out, and some black blood is coming through his nose. So after going to the doctor, they found out that Wicus is turning to be like those aliens, so they immediately capture Wicus and take him to a remote science lab to examine him and run tests on him.

After going to the lab, Wicus finds out that The MNU are interested in those aliens’ weapons and because those weapons can’t be used by any human, he had to test those on Wicus, which he completely disagrees with. But the MNU forced him to use those weapons. But after that MNU decides to sell Wicus’s organ to other Nations to earn money. So Wicus had to escape from there and he goes to that slum and goes to that house where he found that tube.

The aliens told him that because of that fluid he is turning to be an alien like them. Knowing that Wicus became anxious and then that alien to fix him. So they stole that cube from MNU to go back to the mothership. But the MNU starts to attack them and Wicus decides to sacrifice himself to protect that alien and to help him go back to his planet.

Story Twist

There weren’t many twists in this movie. But there are obviously some twists that are hard to ignore. Like in the hospital when Wicus finds out that he is turning into like those aliens. And after that, he finds out that the MNU is experimenting with the aliens and their technology. Other than this, it is a very straightforward movie.

Visual Effects

You’ll be surprised to know that the main visual effects artist of District 9 is also Neill Blomkamp. He is so great with visual effects. That’s why this movie’s visual effects are top-notch and ahead of its time. The way he managed to create those aliens with visual effects is truly remarkable. Emporium, The Incredible Hulk, and Orphan are examples of his great visual effects skill. He is also a member of The Embassy and Rainmaker Visual Effects.

Musical theme, Cinematography and Sets

This movie’s Musical theme is very interesting. The music for District 9 was made by Canadian composer Clinton Shorter. He spent three weeks preparing the music for the film. The musical theme of this movie is based on South African roots.

Trent Opaloch is in charge of District 9’s cinematography. He is truly amazing in his field. He did a pretty good job filming that movie with a shaky POV as the director wanted.

The set of this movie is located in the South African city of Johannesburg.


The budget for this movie is surprisingly very low. For only 30 Million USD, director Neill manages to create such a great movie.

Box Office Collection

Considering the budget this movie has done a mind-blowing collection at the Box Office. On its release day, this movie collected a total of 37 Million USD on its first day.

This movie grossed 115 Million USD just in the USA and 95 Million USD worldwide. And a total of 210 Million USD.

Ratings of District 9

As the first movie of director Neill, this movie had a significant impact on the audience. The audience as well as the critics really loved this movie. 

This movie got a huge 90% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. And 7.9\10 ratings on IMDb.

Metacritic gave this movie 81% good.


In an alternative 1982, a giant alien spacecraft arrives on Earth, not to rule or give aid, but to find a place to live because of their dying planet. The government isolated them from humans in a South African city, Johannesburg, and gave them a place to live called District 9.

The aliens are managed by the MNU. The organization is not concerned with the aliens’ welfare, but they are interested in mastering their advanced technology. When a company field agent Wicas, contracts a mysterious virus that begins to alter his DNA into those aliens’ DNA, there is only one place he can hide from the MNU, District 9.

Then he and two aliens somehow managed to defeat the MNU and sacrificed himself so those aliens could go to their planet.

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