Ron's Gone Wrong

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Ron’s Gone Wrong is such a beautiful animated movie. This movie has a very emotional touch with the sci-fi genre. Also, this movie carried a great massage about using too much technology.

Release Date of Ron’s Gone Wrong

The teaser trailer for the film was released on June 8, 2021. And at the 2021 BFI London Film Festival on October 9, 2021, Ron’s Gone Wrong had its world premiere and was released at the theater in the UK on October 15, 2021, and in the USA on October 22, 2021.

About The Directors

Sarah Smith and Jean-Philippe Vine directed and Octavio E. Rodriguez co-directed this movie., it and produced by Julie Lockhart and Lara Breay.

Director Sarah Smith is a very talented director. She is an English film director, broadcast producer, and screenwriter. She is also the co-founder and former CEO of Locksmith Animation.

About The Writers

Peter Baynham and Sarah Smith wrote this movie.

Peter is a Welsh screenwriter and performer. He and Sarah put great effort into writing this movie.


Ron’s Gone Wrong is a 2021 computer-animated science-fiction comedy film. This movie is an animated adventure about an 11-year-old boy, Barney (voiced by Jack Dylan Grazer). On his 11th birthday, His father gifts him a defective robot named Ron (voiced by Zach Galifianakis) as a birthday present. But the robot doesn’t have a lot of important code, so it acts on its own. In this movie, together they write their own code about friendship that makes Ron from a defective robot to a one-of-a-kind.

Main Story

So the story starts with The Bubble Corporation introducing a robot that has spatially made for kids. They named that robot B-Bot. They introduce this robot as an absolute friend/social life monitor. In simple language, the robot is a tablet that can walk and talk back.

So after that, every child has got one B-bot for them except for our protagonist Barney. Kids are getting really obsessed with their robots. Instead of making friends in real life, they started to make friends on social media. Because Barney doesn’t have any b-bot, he doesn’t have any friends.

So on Barney’s 11 birthday, his father somehow got him a robot from a Bubble corporation’s work that came out defective. After knowing about the robot he begins to lose interest in that robot, but then he decides to teach the robot on his own. 

First, Barney tries to teach him about himself, but the robot gradually learns that his main purpose is to find friends for Barney. So it begins to tell everyone about Barney and to like him and send him friend requests. Which is really funny. But Barney finds that annoying.

Unfortunately, The Bubble Corporation finds out about Ron, and they send a team to capture that robot and destroy it. But Barney doesn’t want that, so he runs off into the jungle with his robot. But as he is a patient with Asthma, he begins to run out of breath and get sick quickly. So Ron decides to sacrifice his charges and save him knowing that the company will destroy him.

After that Barney gets well but the CEO of that company rewrites all of Ron’s code. But Barney doesn’t want that, he wants his old robot back. So he sneaks into The Bubble Corporations cloud server and tries to fix his robot. But then he realized that not only him, but because of these robots, all of his childhood friends are suffering from loneliness. So he and his robot decide to upload Ron to the main server and fix all the other robots so that those can also work like Ron.

After fixing all the robots, Barney gets back to his childhood friends.

Summary of Story

Barney is a schoolboy who always keeps his thought to himself. So’ on his 11th birthday, he receives a robot named Ron. That robot is basically a walking, talking, digitally connected device that’s supposed to be his best friend. Barney is really excited to finally have his own robot, but his new toy starts to hilariously malfunction, as it was defective because of an accident in the delivery process.

And because of this, it draws the attention of a shady executive who wants to protect his company’s stock price at all costs. So along with his robot, he decides to hide from them in the jungle, but he gets sick so Ron takes him to his school and everyone finds them and takes Barney to the hospital. After he gets well Barney have found that his robot had fixed.

But he wants his robot to be like before, so he takes his robot to Bubble company’s cloud server and fixes him. Then he realizes that his childhood friends also need a robot-like Ron. So he uploads Ron to their main server and all the robots become like Ron.

Musical Score

Henry Jackman composed this film’s score, Speaking about the score, Jackman said that “It has its own identity, similar to Wreck-It Ralph or Big Hero 6” having the “same musical landscape and color in this film” and also had enjoyed working in the film, calling the scoring sessions as “enormous fun”. The Directors of this movie show gratitude to Jackman for how his score lifted the film.


Jean-Philippe Vine is the man who was behind the animation of this movie. He has worked as an artist on projects such as Shaun The Sheep and Cars 3. He directed Ron’s Gone Wrong with Sarah Smith. They also knew there was an opportunity for the film to plug into a universal experience.

Budget of Ron’s Gone Wrong

There wasn’t any official information about the Budget of this movie. But the rumor says that the production company invested 11 Million USD in this movie.

Box Office Collection

Ron’s Gone Wrong grossed $23 million in the USA and Canada and $37.7 million in other countries for a worldwide total of $60.7 million. On its first day, the film grossed $2.3 million, including $260,000 from Thursday night previews. On its second weekend, the film fell 48% and made $3.7 million.


Rotten Tomatoes give this movie 80% fresh.

This movie got 4/5 from Common Sense Media.

And in IMDb, this movie got a 7.1/10 rating.

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