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Interstellar is such a great movie by Nolan. It has the most accurate VFX of a black hole. Today we are going to write an in-depth review of this movie.

Release Date

In 2014, a lot of movies were released, but one particular film caught the attention of the audience, which is one of the best sci-fi movies of all time, Interstellar. The movie was released on October 26th, 2014 in TCL Chinese Theater, on November 5th, 2014 in the United States, and on November 7th, 2014 in the United Kingdom.

Directors of Interstellar

Interstellar is directed by one of the greatest directors of all time, Christopher Nolan. He directed some of the most mind-blowing movies that ever existed, such as Inception, Memento, Transcendence, Tenet, The Batman Trilogy, The Prestige, and many more. He is a dedicated director. Before directing any movie, he always focuses on the accuracy of the science that will be used in the movie.


Behind this great movie are two great writers, Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan. The Nolan brothers worked hard on the script. And they did a great job on that.


Many directors think about the success of their direction, but not Christopher Nolan. He knows about the rule of hard work. If you put your thoughts and mind into any work, that has to succeed. Whenever he decides to direct a movie, he purely focuses on the movie.

Interstellar is one of Nolan’s best works. The way he directed the movie, in my opinion, no other director could do so. No offense to other directors. It’s a high-concept science fiction movie. Nolan tried to make this movie as accurate as possible.

Main Story

At the beginning of the movie, our main character, Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), and his daughter(Mackenzie Foy), find some unusual activities in her bedroom. and led them to a secret NASA facility. And then they came to know that in a couple of decades, the earth could lose its potential to grow crops, and they would have a shortage of food.

So they sent 12 astronauts through a wormhole to find a better planet to live on. And after 10 years, they want to send more people to that wormhole by a space station to find the data those astronauts may have sent.  And they chose Cooper as the pilot of this operation as he was the best pilot in NASA history.

At first, Cooper disagrees with piloting that ship, but after Professor Brand tells him that there is a plan to avoid the earth dying, he agrees to go. And that’s where the main story begins. His daughter doesn’t want him to go because someone is trying to communicate with her through morse code and is telling her to stop her father. But he doesn’t listen to her and goes to space. After analyzing the data those astronauts had sent, they went to their locations one by one.

In the first one, they find nothing, and in the second one, they find that one of those astronauts betrayed them just to get back to earth. But this time, those astronauts damage the space station, and Cooper has to make some dangerous decisions to control the situation. And then, after that, they come to know through Murphy that the professor had lied to them from the beginning. There is no coming back, and there is no hope for the earth. He was just pretending to solve the equation. He already knew that to solve the equation he needed some data from the inside of a black hole, which is impossible.

End Story

After hearing this, the professor’s daughter broke into tears, and Cooper couldn’t believe his ears. So they decide to follow the mission and decide to go to the next planet. But there is a big problem. A black hole named Gargantua keeps pooling them inside, and they have a limited amount of fuel, so they had to use the gravitational force of the black hole to travel, and to do that they had to use Newton’s third law, and they decided to abandon the extra ships into the black hole to gain more speed. 

Cooper decides to sacrifice himself to save humankind. After going into the black hole, Cooper tells his assistant robot Tars to collect all the possible data so that they can send it back to earth so that his daughter can solve the equation. But after going through the black hole, he and his robot had fallen into a five-dimensional tesseract, which they thought was made by some supernatural being, but it turns out it was the future humans that made that five-dimensional space to guide them.

Cooper found out that this space is a time paradox for his daughter Murphy. That means those future humans choose his daughter, not him. So he tried to communicate with his daughter and successfully gave her the whole data through morse code, and Murphy solved the human equation and saved the human race.

Story Plot

This is a fantastic movie with some amazing plot twists. The first twist from that movie was the professor’s telling lies about the equation. Everyone trusted him, but on his dying bed, he told Murphy that everything about the equation was nothing but a big lie.

The second twist comes from the frozen planet, which they thought was perfect for the human race. But to their surprise, the astronaut who had sent to that frozen planet was a selfish person who only thought about his life and decided to betray everyone just to live.

The third twist was when Cooper found out that the ghost, or as they were assuming, was him trying to communicate with his daughter. It was the biggest plot twist in this movie. 

Visuals Effects 

I can’t deny that this movie has one of my favorite visual effects. It is as accurate as possible. Overall VFX Supervisor Paul Franklin and DNEG VFX Supervisor Andy Lockley were in charge of the visual effects team. They did a great job. The black hole scene, or the planet’s scene, was really impressive. And also, it was created with the most accuracy, and even a physicist was with them just to give them information about astrophysics so that they could make every scene realistic.

Musical Theme, Cinematography, and Sets

All the background music was perfectly synchronized with the situation. The music composer, Hans Zimmer, was the reason why the movie has some of the best background music.

Cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema was hired for Interstellar. He also worked with Nolan in Transcendence. When filming Interstellar, he used to take shots from quite different angles. And that gave the movie a charming look.

Filmmaker Nolan shot this movie on some of the best sets in the world. Some of the locations were Alberta and California, and they also shot some scenes in Iceland.

And the set is based on a dystopian future where humanity is struggling to survive.


The production budget for making Interstellar is 165 million USD, which is bizarre for a sci-fi movie. But if you see this movie, you will think about how the production team managed all that within this budget. In this budget, this came out far too good.

The Box Office Collection

Interstellar made a total of 701.7 million USD. Compared to its budget of 165 million USD, it did pretty darn well.

Interstellar grossed $188 million in the US and Canada and $489.4 million in other countries, for a worldwide total of $677.4 million. Compared to its budget, it is a huge success.


This movie got a rating of 8.6 out of 10 on IMDb, and Rotten Tomatoes gave it 72% fresh. Common Sense Media gave it a 3.5/5.

Celebrity’s comments

A lot of celebrities gave their personal opinions after the movie was released. Some of their opinions are mentioned below.

“I saw Interstellar last night, and I’m just now taking it all in. Holy moly. Amazing,” – Patton Oswalt(American stand-up comedian).

“Saw ‘Interstellar’ for a second time projected on IMAX film. Truly a magnificent film. emotional, and visually stunning. “See it large and loud,” —Edgar Wright(filmmaker).

“Dazzled by the ambition and intelligence of Chris Nolan’s Interstellar. Terrific performances, haunting imagery, WOW. See it in 70MM IMAX,” tweeted The Incredibles director Brad Bird.


In our planet’s future, a worldwide crop mess and a second dust storm are slowly making the planet unlivable. Professor Brand, a brilliant NASA physicist, is working on a way to save humanity by moving Earth’s people to a new home through a wormhole. But first, Brand must send retired NASA pilot Cooper and a team of investigators through the wormhole and across the galaxy to uncover which of the three worlds could be mankind’s new residence.

Interesting Facts About Interstellar

  • The movie’s science was conducted by a Nobel laureate.
  • Most of the science is real.
  • It took the Nolan Brothers 4 years to write the script for Interstellar as they tried to make the movie as scientifically accurate as possible.
  • Christopher Nolan has been thinking about this movie for about 10 years.
  • The crew created the TARS robot for real, not as a real-life working robot but as a set object.

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