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IPVanish VPN is one of the greatest VPNs available. A virtual private network (VPN) is essential if you frequently use the internet. After all, your information and browsing history are at risk if you’re browsing on an unsecured network.

However, selecting a VPN raises numerous concerns. Which one is the safest? Which one is suitable for the locations you require? What if you have a number of operating systems and devices?

Why Should You Use IPVanish VPN?

As previously stated, a VPN is required for secure online navigation. Entering personal or payment information on the internet may not be completely secure. A VPN protects your data by providing privacy features.

Do you want to watch videos that aren’t available in your country? A VPN can also help with this. It routes your traffic through one of its servers, relocating you to the country where the server is located.

When you use a VPN service, your data is completely encrypted. There is little chance that anyone, including your ISP, will track your browsing. This prevents third parties from selling your information or adding you to unwanted mailing lists. AES 256-bit encryption is used by IPVanish. According to the company’s website, this is the same encryption used by the US government.

Benefits of IPVanish  VPN

Before we get into how to install the IPVanish app on FireStick, let’s first discuss why you’d want to.

While IPVanish meets all of the criteria listed above, it also has some unique features that we’ll go over now.

It is Cheap

When compared to most other VPNs, IPVanish on FireStick has reasonable prices. You can secure yourself with a monthly or yearly subscription for very little money. While price isn’t exactly a feature, it’s a good place to start when considering why you should use IPVanish.

Furthermore, IPVanish’s yearly plan includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. The money-back-guarantee allows you to cancel the yearly plan and receive a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

No Cap

As you use more data, some VPN services throttle your internet speed. This is not the case with the IPVanish VPN for FireStick and Fire TV. In fact, when you use IPVanish, you have unlimited uncapped speeds. All of your activities will continue at the fastest possible speeds.


Some of IPVanish’s more expensive plans include 500 GB of encrypted storage.

This is how you can securely access photos, videos, and other content stored on your FireStick or Fire TV from anywhere in the world.

Global Affect

IPVanish on FireStick provides servers in over 75 countries around the world. That’s a lot of information to digest safely!

This also means that you’ll have a consistent connection no matter where you are. Some VPNs slow down your connection based on your location relative to the server.

With its vast fleet of servers located all over the world, IPVanish mitigates this issue.

IPVanish should installed on your Amazon Fire device regardless of where you are or what type of streaming content you are looking for.


One IPVanish subscription on FireStick allows unlimited devices to connect to VPN servers at the same time.

Even when you’re not connected to your Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Cube, you can enjoy secure browsing on Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and other platforms.

Customer Service

If you have any problems configuring IPVanish on FireStick or with the service in general, the company has a customer support team available 24/7 to assist you.

This support is available on all IPVanish plans, so even those on the cheapest subscription can get help with their devices.

Wiping with a Remote

A remote device-wiping feature is included with the premium IPVanish VPN plan. In essence, you can wipe any device that has connected to your IPVanish VPN plan.

For example, if you leave your Amazon Fire TV Stick in a hotel, you can simply connect to IPVanish and delete all the data on that device. This way, no one can steal your Amazon FireStick and access your data.

As a result, even if you physically lose a device, you can maintain your safety and privacy.

How to Install IPVanish on Your FireStick

Now I’ll walk you through installing the IPVanish app on your Fire TV, after which all of your activity on your FireStick and apps will be protected by the VPN’s servers.

1.From your Amazon Fire TV Stick’s home screen, navigate to Find and then Search.

Search for IPVanish VPN

2. Search for “IPVanish” in the search bar.

Search for IPVanish VPN

3. In the Amazon app store, look for and select IPVanish from the results. You’ll most likely find competing VPN apps in the app store. Choose IPVanish to gain access to the valuable features to which you have subscribed.

Download IPVanish

4. To install the app on any of your Fire TV devices, click Download or Get.

5. IPVanish should appear on your FireStick home screen after you install it from the Amazon app store. If it isn’t there, press the home button on your remote, go to Apps, and look for IPVanish. To log in, open the IPVanish app and enter your IPVanish account information.

Login to IPVanish VPN

6. IPVanish will display your current location as well as any connected IP addresses. You can then click Connect to use the server IPVanish determines is best for you.


7. If you want to change your location, simply select the country, then the city, and finally a server.

8. When you press the Connect button in the IPVanish app, your FireStick or Fire TV will prompt you to accept the request. To connect, click OK.

Connect IPVanish VPN

9. Once connected, the IPVanish interface will show you how long you’ve been connected as well as your Fire TV’s download and upload speeds.



We hope this guide was useful in teaching you how to install the IPVanish app on your Amazon Fire Stick. As with all of our guides, please leave your thoughts in the comments section and tell us how IPVanish has improved your streaming experience as a Fire Stick user.

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