Stop Kodi Buffering

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This post will guide you through several ways to stop Kodi buffering.

If you’ve used Kodi for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that sometimes the streams buffer.

This post will relieve some of your discomforts and assist you in resolving your Kodi buffering issues.

Kodi is undoubtedly the most commonly used media streaming service available to cord-cutters. For many reasons, it is one of the greatest apps available today.

This is primarily due to the hundreds of individuals who install and use popular third-party Kodi addons and Kodi builds.

Using these addons might often cause buffering or slowing down on your device when watching content.

The four solutions mentioned below will stop Kodi buffering and improve your streaming experience.

We use all four of these solutions on our Kodi streaming apps and rarely see buffering issues while using multiple addons.

Note: Please restart your Firestick before proceeding with the solutions.

Often, a quick restart can resolve a variety of small issues such as buffering, app freezing, and so on. When you restart your device, any apps that are running in the background will be forced to quit.

Here’s How to Restart Your Firestick Device in a Simple Way.

Solution on How to Stop Kodi Buffering

1. With Advanced Settings File Stop Kodi Buffering 

We recommend that you use a working add-on before following the solution below to stop Kodi buffering.

Often, the cause of buffering in Kodi can be traced back to a bad link contained in outdated add-ons.

To ensure that you are using updated addons, follow our updated Kodi Addons List.

We are using The Crew Kodi Addon, which is among the most popular addons.

1. Open Kodi.

2. Click on the Settings icon.

Stop Kodi Buffering

3. Select File Manager

Stop Kodi Buffering

4. Select Add Source.

5. Select <None>. 

6. Type the following URL and select OK.

Stop Kodi Buffering

7. Click the box under the source you just typed in and give this media source a name, for example, “crew,” and then select OK.

8. To return to the System Page, press the back button on your remote or keyboard. Choose Add-Ons.

Stop Kodi Buffering

9. Select “Install from zip file”.

Stop Kodi Buffering

10. Select Crew or another name that identifies the media source.


11. Click

12. Wait for the notice “The Crew Repo add-on installed” to appear.

Stop Kodi Buffering

13. Select Install from repository

14. Select The Crew Repo

Stop Kodi Buffering

15. Select Program Add-Ons

Stop Kodi Buffering

16. Select The Crew Wizard

17. Select Install.

18. Wait for the “The Crew Wizard  Add-on Installed” notification to show up.

19. Select Dismiss.

Stop Kodi Buffering

20. When asked, press the Continue button.

21. Select Ignore.

22. Select The Crew Wizard once more.

Stop Kodi Buffering

23. Select Open. 

24. Select Maintenance.

25. Select System Tweaks/Fixes.

26. Choose Advanced Settings

Stop Kodi Buffering

27. Select Quick Configure AdvancedSettings.xml.

28. Move the Video Cache Size to the maximum.

29. Select “WriteFile.”

2. Clear Kodi Cache

Cleaning the Kodi cache is an excellent way to remove buffering in Kodi.

Under the Crew Wizard, there is a Cleaning Tool that can help you delete and remove unneeded files/folders/etc.

If you do not already have the Crew Wizard installed on your Kodi device, follow the instructions in Method 1 to do so.

Clean Kodi’s cache and stop Kodi buffering by following the methods mentioned below.

1. Choose The Crew Wizard from the Kodi home screen’s add-ons section.

Stop Kodi Buffering

2. Select Maintenance.

3. Select Cleaning Tools.

4. Select “Clear Cache.”

5. Select Clear Cache again.

6. Then you will see the Clear Cache notification.

3. Stop Kodi Buffering with a VPN

Certain Internet Service Providers have been known to throttle service, which might cause your connection to slow down.

If none of the previous techniques work to stop Kodi buffering on your device, consider connecting to a VPN.

A VPN will change your IP address and remove any download limits that your ISP may have set.

This can also change your geolocation, putting you anywhere in the world. This will remove any geographic limits on limitless streaming in your area.

We suggest you use ExpressVPN. It has servers in over 90 countries; with this VPN, you can access content from around the globe and browse the web with peace of mind.

Not only does ExpressVPN provide top-notch security and privacy, but it also offers lightning-fast speeds for a seamless browsing experience. Plus, with 24/7 customer support and a user-friendly interface, using ExpressVPN couldn’t be any easier.



Does Real-Debrid remove Kodi’s buffering?

The easiest approach to eliminating buffering for seamless playback is to authorize and use real-debrid connections within Kodi.

What Addons Aren’t Buffering?

More crucial than utilizing a high-quality addon is selecting a high-quality connection. Initializing real-debrid is the best technique to find nice linkages.

What is causing my Kodi to buffer?

Buffering is frequently caused by a bad internet connection. It may be difficult to stream HD links on Kodi if your internet connection is slow.

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