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How to Pick the Best VPN for Streaming

When traveling abroad, you still want to be able to access all your favorite streaming services. Read this article to learn the best VPN for streaming!

Half of all American households use 4 or more streaming sites, according to Parks Associates. To access all your favorite shows, you need to find the best VPN for streaming.

Many popular shows start overseas. Korean dramas, for example, have captivated millions of viewers in the United States and Canada.

Streaming sites can limit access from specific countries. Nationwide firewalls block you, too. Same result: you can’t watch your shows!

You might know what a VPN is but wonder how to pick one. Perhaps you’re new to the VPN game and need a quick briefing.

We can help you with that.

Read on to find the best VPN for streaming.

The Best VPN for Streaming Keeps Your Data Safe

VPN apps create an encrypted tunnel from your device to their servers. From there, your VPN provider connects you to your streaming service. This encrypted tunnel keeps things private and protects your data.

For the best protection, look for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 encryption. The 256 part means your data is encrypted with a 256-bit key via a symmetric algorithm. It would take a long, long, long time to crack.

This encryption hides your data from prying eyes. This could be a streaming site moderator, an internet filter, or the shifty coffee sipper next to you at the cafe. VPNs also protect your data while connected to public WiFi networks.

Check the reputation of VPN apps online. Look at online tech reviews from established magazines. Find out how long each VPN has been in business.

A kill switch saves your data even if the VPN connection breaks. They will block all outgoing internet traffic until your VPN connection is restored. Handy to have!

How do VPNs Unblock Streaming?

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address identifies your computer while you are online. It lets you connect to servers and sites but also reveals your location.

Streaming sites block users based on country-specific IP addresses. This helps avoid copyright infringement and media law headaches. The streaming service or broadcaster is the one in hot water!

VPN providers have servers in many countries. This means you can access sites from almost anywhere. The VPN’s overseas server IP replaces your real IP, and the show goes on!

This is how VPNs bypass national firewalls and censorship. They access websites via a permitted route, and the firewall is none the wiser.

Some streaming apps catch onto VPN providers and block their server IP addresses. The best VPN providers stay one step ahead of these updates.

Say you want to unblock Hulu, for example. You could check online guides first to see which VPNs work for that site. Most of the premium options unblock streaming on all major sites.

Servers, Speed, and Proximity to Your Location

Being able to access the internet anonymously from any location sounds like a neat trick. But all that stealth comes at a price: speed.

VPNs can slow down your internet speed because of the distance between servers. If you are in Canada, and you use a VPN in Norway to access a streaming site in Japan, things will slow down.

The name for this delay between request and response is latency.

Server load is a factor too. Say there are 2,000 people using your VPN’s Japanese server; they need top-notch tech to keep things fast. Then you have the streaming site itself; popular shows attract tons of web traffic.

This is why it is wise to invest in a premium VPN service. The cost difference is minimal. But that extra funding gives you access to better servers.

Your internet service provider (ISP) can limit your speed too. These caps are called speed throttling. They’re meant to stop you from hitting ISP download limits too fast. VPNs help you break free and watch your shows in peace.

VPN Apps Across Multiple Devices

Many people watch shows over multiple devices these days. Maybe you start on your laptop’s big screen, then watch a bit on your tablet in bed. The next day you might catch up on the train with your phone.

Most VPN apps limit the number of devices you can use. For most users, 3 is enough. But if you want your friends to use it, too, you better pay for more.

Some free VPN apps limit you to 1 device. You need to buy the premium version to use the VPN on more devices.

Think about the ease of installation. The best VPNs make this simple. You log in, get your activation code, download the app, and start. Others can be trickier, so bear this in mind if you will share your VPN.

How Much Does It All Cost?

Buy the best VPN you can afford. This is essential if you use your VPN for work and public wifi access too.

Bear in mind that free VPNs have limits in both security and data allowances. Most free apps want you to buy their premium version.

Imagine being halfway through your favorite show, then your VPN limit kicks in. Many people would reach for their wallets to pay for the premium version. It is a neat marketing strategy, but for viewers, an irritating one.

The best VPN apps come with extras like password managers and secure file storage. Some let you access torrent sites where you can download files.

With premium VPN apps, you can choose between monthly or annual subscriptions. Annual options give you a discount, but if you’re new to the service, it could be risky. Monthly options cost a bit more, but you can cancel at any time.

Want to Access Your Favorite Shows From Anywhere?

We hope our guide helped you pick the best VPN for streaming. Think about reputation, and security, as well as cost. Never risk your data with a subpar VPN service.

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