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There are times when you are looking into a site or getting access to a site and it suddenly shows the website is not reachable. This issue can easily get on your nerves sometimes. Recently one of the most popular IPTV service providers, Typhoon labs has faced a similar issue and a lot of people seem to face Typhoon is not reachable page.

And a lot of people also encountered a forbidden page too like below.

Website is forbidden

It mainly happens when you tried to access a page and encountered a network error.

But do you know that there are some easy and fast solutions to this problem? Yes, this annoying issue has some of the easiest solutions.

Before jumping into the solutions you first need to know why this issue happens.

Continue reading to know the solution to the typhoon is not reachable issue.

Why Typhoon is Not Reachable Forbidden Issue Occur?

Website is not reachable

The website is not reachable or forbidden is a very common issue. And we think almost every one of you has faced this issue at some time in your life.

If you know the reason for this issue then there is nothing to worry about. 

This issue can happen when Googlebot (Googlebot is a generic term for any program that is used to automatically discover and scan websites by following links from one webpage to another.) confronts a time-out or different network-related issue when requesting a file from that site.

And this issue can be caused by one or more of the following:

  • Excessive page load times as a result of dynamic pages that take too long to respond.
  • Excessive page load times as a result of a site’s hosting server being unavailable, overloaded, or not properly configured.
  • Google’s web crawler is being blocked by the hosting server.
  • A DNS configuration problem.

Yeah, we know these all sound like some difficult nerdy words, but they are not really that difficult to understand.

In a more simple language, the ‘typhoon is not reachable’ issue mainly happens because the developer team updated the site, but the cache of the previous version of the site is still there. Stored in your device’s browser.

Solutions to the Typhoon is not reachable issue

Now that you know why this website is not reachable issue happens, let’s get to the solutions. 

After doing some continuous research on this issue, we have uncovered several reliable solutions that are simple and easy to execute.

Let’s get to those solutions.

Clear Cache & Cookies

Clear cache

Clearing your browser’s Cache & Cookies of the past 1 week is a great solution to this website is not reachable issue.

Every once in a while, a site will stop working, or might show the site is not reachable, and clearing the cache will fix that.

Why does it help? To simplify, there is often a difference between both the version of a website cached or stored on your device and the version you’re loading from the web.

This conflict might cause weird issues like this and clearing your cache can help when nothing else seems to work.

How to clear your cache? It’s a very easy process. 

1. First click the 3 dots ( ⋮ ) symbol in the top right corner of your browser.

2. Then click on Settings.

3. You can see there is a Privacy and security section. Click on it.

4. Then click on Clear browsing data. From there you can easily clear your cached files of images.

If you are an iPhone user, then follow this tutorial to clear cache in your Safari browser.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad device.

2. Scroll down and select the Safari app.

3. Scroll down and select Clear History and Website Data.

4. To confirm, tap Clear History and Data in the pop-up menu.

And In MacBook,

1. Open the Safari browser on your Mac.

2. Click Safari in the top right corner and then select Preferences.

3. From the Privacy menu Select Manage Website Data.

4. Choose a website from the list, then click Remove. Click Remove All to remove all webpage data from Safari.

Use Incognito Mode

Incognito mode

Using Incognito (Chrome) or InPrivate (Edge) mode is another simple yet effective solution to this Website is forbidden or not reachable issue.

When you use Incognito none of your browsing history, cookies, and website data, or information you put in forms are saved on your device.

Browsing in Incognito mode feels like browsing in a totally new browser.

So if you are facing Typhoon is not reachable issue multiple times, then you can just switch your browser mode to Incognito or InPrivate mode and can access that similar site with ease.

To enter the Incognito mode:

1. Go to the 3 dots ( ⋮ ) symbol in the top right corner of your browser.

2. Select the Incognito or InPrivate mode and start browsing.

If you are an iOS user then,

To open Private Window in Safari on mac then Choose File then New Private Window. A dark Smart Search area with white text appears in a private window. Browse in the usual way.

In iPhone,

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Tabs button.
  3. Tap [number] Tabs or Start Page to show the Tab Groups list.
  4. Tap Private, then tap Done.

Use Mobile data

Use mobile data

If you are facing website is not responding issue then switching your wi-fi data to mobile data can sometimes solves this issue.

You might think that Wi-fi and mobile data work in the same way. But there is a major difference.

If you are using data from any ISP (Internet Service Provider) through wi-fi then there is a big chance that your ISP stores all your browsing data on their server. Because of that, you can face this Typhoon is not responding issue.

By switching to mobile data you can browse like fresh.

If you are suspicious of your ISP stealing your data then you should use a VPN

Speaking of VPNs, Using a VPN can also solve this Website is forbidden issue.

Use a VPN


A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a go-to solution for maximum browsing-related issues.

VPN secures the location of a user and other important information, making it unreachable to unwanted people.

VPN helps reduce speed throttle whenever you are streaming your favorite content from any streaming platform.

It also hides your browsing information from your ISP. And if your ISP can’t store your browsing data then it will be easy to access any site without any issue.

We suggest you use ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN hides your browsing data from your ISP. And protects your online privacy perfectly.

Our Verdict

Although the website is not reachable issue can be annoying, but it’s not that difficult to solve.

In maximum cases, this issue happens from problems with your internet connection.

If you encounter this Typhoon is not reachable issue then you can try those 4 ways to fix it. Most often it will solve after trying the first solution. But if not then you can try the rest of them.

These 4 solution also works on other website is not reachable issue.

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