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After the recent Amazon Firestick update, a lot of people are complaining that Amazon removed the developer option from the Fire TV Stick devices.

And they are no longer able to find the install unknown apps option either. Hearing this we were a bit frustrated. But it’s actually not the case at all.

So what happened basically is that users can no longer access the developer option, so they can’t turn on the option to enable the installation from an unknown source.

And if users can’t turn the option on, they also can’t sideload any apps on their device anymore.

First, we only noticed this issue on the Firestick lite, but after a month, the rest of the FireStick devices, The Fire TV Stick 4k, The Fire TV Stick 4k max, and The Fire TV Cube, all of these devices are encountering the same issue after the update.

But don’t you guys worry, we are going to show you precisely what you can do to get back the developer option and once again turn on the Install unknown source option.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Step 1.

First, go to your Firestick device’s home page, and scroll to the settings menu.

Setting of firestick

Step 2.

Then go to the About menu.

About my fire tv

Step 3.

Select Fire TV Stick option and press the select button 7 times. (Different Devices may have different names for this option)

Fire TV Stick Lite

After pressing the select button 7 times, this sentence will pop up on your screen. And this means you have unlocked the developer option on your device.

turning on Developer Option

Step 4.

Press the back button, and you will see that the developer option is there.

Developer Option ON

There you can see the developer option. Isn’t that simple as ABC? You can now once again sideload your favorite apps into your device. 

Now how to turn on the Install Unknown Source option? 

  1. So, after unlocking the developer option, click on it.
Developer Option
  1. Then select the Install Unknown Apps option, and click the select button.
Install unknown apps
  1. Then you can see that Downloader is Off.

Click the select button to turn it On.

Downloader on

And as you can see, the Install Unknown Apps option is now on. And that means that you can now install your favorite apps on your Firestick device.

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