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In this article, we’ll go through the best Kodi add-ons for watching UFC on Kodi. Who doesn’t enjoy watching the UFC? Everything about this sport is completely on fire and jaw-dropping; the drama, the pre-match interviews, the intensity inside and outside the ring, and the post-match emotions.

Most UFC material is available to UFC fans through the UFC Fight Pass. So what if someone does not want to pay but still wants to enjoy it? The answer is straightforward: Kodi UFC addons. You can watch the best UFC fights for free by using the best Kodi UFC addons.

Watch UFC on Kodi

This guide will show you how to watch UFC for free on Kodi. Therefore, let’s start and quickly cover some essential information.

What is the UFC?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, is a mixed martial arts (MMA) competition based in the United States. It is a full-contact combat sport in which numerous fighting tactics and tricks from other combat sports are permitted.

The UFC lets individuals from various backgrounds compete and demonstrate their distinct abilities. In terms of the layout, two combatants compete inside an octagonal ring for ten points to win a five-minute round. A knockout, decision, submit, TKO, forfeit, or no contest determines the winner.

What Are UFC Addons for Kodi?

UFC Kodi addons allow you to watch all of the events, PPVs, highlights, replays, and more for free. To access UFC content, you do not need to acquire a UFC Fight Pass or any other subscription.

What to Keep in Mind While Watching UFC Kodi Addons?

Connection to the Internet

To make the most of Kodi UFC add-ons, your internet connection must be steady and fast. The addons’ scraped third-party servers are prone to buffering, making them unsuitable for sluggish connections.

Kodi Version 

If an add-on isn’t working on your Kodi software, consider updating or downgrading your Kodi version. If you’re having problems with Kodi 18 Leia, try installing Kodi 19 Matrix. Keep in mind that this will reset your Kodi software, so you may want to experiment with alternative addons first.


Lastly, before we look at UFC addons for Kodi, I have something important to mention.

As you are all aware, UFC fights are not openly available online. To watch UFC events, you must purchase a UFC Fight Night or UFC Fight Pass. You normally can’t watch UFC PPV, ordinary UFC matches, or UFC replays for free online using a legal method.

As a result, you should be warned that watching UFC on Kodi through third-party addons is not without danger. Using such addons to watch UFC may not be entirely legal, despite the fact that they do not host or produce links to UFC PPVs or live UFC events.

We are not suggesting you break the law. But if you intend to watch UFC using a third-party Kodi addon, you should always use a VPN to protect yourself. 

With a Kodi VPN, you can keep your connection private, which means your internet service provider (ISP) can’t see what you’re doing. Your IP address and personal information will also be concealed.

Best UFC Kodi Addons

Finally, let’s look at the best Kodi addons for watching American MMA in the UFC. We personally confirmed that each of these addons allows you to broadcast UFC and, in most cases, a wide range of other sports.

If you already know how to add a source in Kodi’s file manager, install a repository, and install from a zip file, you can complete the addon installations by using the source URL supplied for each addon.

If you’re not familiar with installing Kodi addons, please see my tutorial on installing any Kodi plugin. Then utilize the source URLs I provided to obtain these add-ons.

As soon as you install these Addons, your Kodi will be ready to enjoy UFC FIGHTS. However, before you start, please be aware that whatever you stream online is visible to your ISP and the government. This means that watching free movies, TV shows, and UFC Sports may get you in some trouble.

However, there is a perfect way to hide all of your streaming activity from your Internet Service Provider and the government. All you’ll be needing is a trustworthy Kodi VPN.

A VPN will hide your IP address and allow you to avoid online surveillance and Internet Speed throttling by your ISP, as well as unblock geo-restricted content.

We personally use and recommend ExpressVPN, as it is the fastest and most secure VPN. It is compatible with all types of streaming apps and very simple to install on FireStick.

1. Asgard

Asgard isn’t just an add-on for the sports world; it gets the job done.

It has its own sports department. Within, you’ll find folders for Boxing, Wrestling, American MMA Replays, Sports Catchups, and Sports Documentaries. It allows you to watch live sports, replays, and other content.

As an all-in-one addon, Asgard features minimal sports material. Yet, it is plenty for the vast majority of MMA fans.

Other than UFC Fight Nights, Asgard also has categories for Movies, TV Shows, Documentary films, Kids, Music, Anime, Stand Up Comedy, Live TV, and other things.

2. FightTube

For many Kodi users who eat, sleep, and breathe American MMA, FightTube is a one-stop shop.

Since it lives up to its name, FightTube is a popular third-party addon in the Kodi community. It’s like the YouTube of combat sports. With this add-on, you may watch boxing, MMA, and wrestling, to mention a few sports.

FightTube’s home screen contains 50 parts. ESPN MMA, MMAFightingonSBN, mmadigest, MMAjunkie, MMA SURGE, MMAWeekly, and Ultimate Fighting Championship are among the most popular.

You may watch both live and recorded fighting with the FightTube addon. The folders are well-organized so that you can easily find and enjoy your favorite stuff.

3. NemesisAio

NemesisAio was created as an all-in-one addon for everyone and is hosted on the famed Stream Army Repo. This addon does not provide instant access like other sports streaming Kodi plugins.

It’s similar to the Fight Club addon in that you must generate a PIN from a website and enter it to have access to endless fun.

The developers designed NemesisAio in this manner to provide a smoother, buffer-free experience. This add-on features a distinct section for sports in addition to all the jazz, like free movies. There are three subsections within it: 6 Stream, Soccer Streaming, and Fight Club Replays.

The first, 6 Stream, is the one we’ll look into for MMA. There’s a separate folder for sports within, with all of the accessible events and one-click play URLs.

NemesisAio comes with practically limitless content. Check out other sections while you wait for the MMA event to begin!

4. The Endzone

When you have the Endzone Kodi add-on, the end is nowhere in sight.

The Endzone Kodi add-on is a popular sports add-on for Kodi. Why? Because it allows you to catch up on not only the freshest and greatest UFC live broadcasts but also other sports’ live events.

The EndZone, like the Alpha Quadrant sports add-on (which is no longer available), provides daily updates on sports information. This addon’s sections only feature the most recent links and schedules, ensuring that you never miss out on the latest news.

The Endzone allows you to watch free wrestling, boxing, soccer, football, racing, and other sports. I appreciate the add-versatility one while remaining simple in its approach, as it offers you all of this sports content without becoming overwhelming.

The Endzone is one of my favorite Kodi add-ons for watching UFC events, MMA, and other sports.

5. Ghost

Don’t be afraid of the Ghost add-on. It’s not a foe, but a buddy!

Ghost is a relatively new addition to the community, hosted on the all-time legendary The Crew Repo. Nonetheless, due to its outstanding features, it has swiftly gained popularity.

Ghost is a Kodi add-on that does everything. But, you can watch UFC fights in two sections: Live TV All and Sports Replays. Within the first folder, there are two subfolders: Sports TV and Sports Live. Here, you’ll find nearly all of the world’s sports channels.

You may then select a network that is live broadcasting an MMA event and watch it for free! If you miss a fight, Ghost will still fight for you. Simply navigate to the Sports Replays menu and select the “American MMA” folder. You can access all the information from here.

6. Mad Titan Sports

This is one of the few dependable add-ons that has carried on the Planet MMA history. Mad Titan Sports, hosted by the Magnetic Repo, is your go-to addon for watching MMA live events, PPVs, replays, highlights, and more.

Mad Titan Sports’ welcome page has two primary sections: Live Sports and Live TV, with sub-folders for numerous sports within Live Sports. UFC is under the Other Sports category. There are other appealing sections such as Sports Networks, Replay Zone, Sports Highlights, and Sports Betting.

Mad Titan Sports has a section for live channels in addition to streaming UFC live events. Sling TV, USTV, Pluto TV, Samsung TV, US Locals, Australia, Canada, and more channels are available.

Mad Titan Sports is one of the most well-rounded Kodi addons on this list.

7. SportHD

Nobody wants to watch their favorite sporting event in standard definition, right? That’s why Bugatsinho built the powerful SportHD Kodi add-on.

SportHD is well-known for providing HD-quality streaming of many sports. Yes, you can use SportHD to watch UFC on Kodi, as well as a variety of other sporting events.

SportHD’s home screen is divided into three sections: Live Events, Sports, and Top Leagues.

The first contains live sports feeds from events across the world. Everything live is available here, including American MMA, cricket, soccer, rugby, tennis, and basketball.

Each covered sport has its own sub-folder in the Sports section. Click on any to view the associated content, such as live streaming links and replays. Finally, there’s a section called Best Leagues. You’ll find folders of the top leagues from all sports here.

8. Sportowa TV

What if you could use an extension to gain access to websites that are the holy grail of sports streaming? The ability is provided by the Sportowa TV Kodi addon.

Sportowa TV, unlike other Kodi video addons that deliver filtered athletic content, takes a more hands-on approach. The addon’s home screen has folders for the biggest sports streaming websites.

Click on any to display the sports subfolders. The majority of websites contain a sub-section for American MMA, and some of the main website folders have a search tool that lets you easily find what you’re looking for.

Sportowa TV focuses on live broadcasting, so there will be no reruns or highlights of UFC bouts. That is the sole disadvantage of the add-on. Other than that, it’s amazing!

9. Sportz

J1’s Sportz is another excellent Kodi addon for streaming UFC bouts, replays, highlights, and more.

Sportz, which is hosted in the Butter Fingers Repo, is your one-stop shop for streaming sports networks, wrestling, football, martial arts, and more. The addon’s main screen includes areas such as Live Sports, Wrestling Events, Wrestle Docs, Motor Sports, Combat Sports, Fishing, and Hunting.

Sportz provides a wealth of free UFC and other sporting entertainment. But, in order to access the content, you must first configure the add-on. The procedure is simple and quick. When you try to access anything on the add-on, you’ll be shown how.

Because of this configuration, the Sportz Kodi add-on may appear technical to some. But after you’ve done that, it’s without a doubt one of the best video add-ons for watching UFC on Kodi.

10. Swift Streams

Swift Streaming, created with passion by RAAC, is your go-to addon for free live UFC action.

It is not expected that the add-on would supply you with additional goods such as replays, highlights, interviews, and other MMA insights. Rapid Streams is designed to stream television channels such as sports, movies, and children’s programming.

Fast Streams has a special section for sports channels called Sports TV, where you can watch over 90 sports channels for free. Thus, if a UFC event is live, simply determine which networks are streaming it and then play it from this massive list.

Rapid Streaming is your MMA streaming partner after all others have failed. It is available 24 hours a day, rarely buffers, and has acceptable video quality.

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