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This article will give an updated list of the Best Kodi Builds at the beginning of January 2023.

Using a Build is one of the greatest ways to stream movies, TV shows, live TV, and other content.

You can avoid having to install each individual addon in order to find the content you want, by installing a build,

Best Kodi builds includes a number of excellent Kodi Addons for a more streamlined experience.

We tested all of the builds that we listed below to confirm that they are currently working and ready for installation.

Using a build within Kodi is an excellent way to obtain a plethora of Kodi addons, utilities, and more with a single quick installation.

It will also provide you with a user-friendly interface that will make navigation simple and straightforward.

The most common method for cord-cutters to use Kodi builds is to jailbreak a Firestick or Android TV Box.

When you are installing a Kodi build, it is really important to inspect it carefully to ensure it fulfills your specific needs.

The fact that a build is popular does not guarantee that it will fulfill your Kodi needs.

Kodi Build users can edit addons, settings, and more to maintain the experience for their specific needs.

Using a Kodi build is an excellent opportunity for new users to get started and be comfortable with Kodi.

What is a Kodi Build?

A Kodi build combines multiple Kodi addons and sources into one for quick and simple use of Kodi.

Instead of installing and customizing numerous add-ons, a Kodi build does the job for you.

It produces a unique, user-friendly interface with a multitude of streaming categories.

Movies, shows, live TV, games, adult, settings, and much more are common examples.

Kodi Builds

You may even customize other parameters inside the Kodi build to meet your individual requirements.

To learn more about how to use a build, see the video guide below.

Most of the builds we mention will help stop Firestick buffering when combined with Real-Debrid. More information on Real-Debrid can be found lower down.

Best Kodi Builds in January 2023

1. Shadow

Shadow kodi addon

Shadow is a fantastic Kodi addon for enjoying movies and TV shows.

This addon has an unlimited quantity of content. It works wonderfully on all Kodi platforms, including FireStick, mobile devices, PCs, and more.

It is only provided for Real-Debrid. That’s why it provides high-quality streaming connections.

The addon supports Trakt as well as one-click play.

2. Asgard

Asgard kodi addon

Asgard is an all-in-one Kodi addon. It is a multi-category addon that allows you to stream not just movies and TV but also sports, anime, and documentaries.

If you’re searching for an all-around entertainment addon, I recommend this one.

Asgard works with premium systems like Real Debrid and AllDebrid. If you do not have a membership to one of these, you can view content in the Non-Debrid Section. The Non-Debrid category, as predicted, loses in terms of link number and quality.

Asgard is highly regarded since it is an AIO addon that works on Kodi 19.4 Matrix.

However, there is another reason for the popularity of this addon: sports.

The sports category has a wide range of athletic events available for live viewing. There are also replays available to help you catch up on missed events.

3. Patriot

Patriot kodi addon

The Patriot Kodi addon provides a wide selection of content, such as movies, TV series, anime, music, and more.

This addon is available for download via the renowned repository Narcacist, which also offers prominent addons such as Asgard and Odin.

Patriot supports Real Debrid and allows you to play it with a single click. You can also connect your viewing history with your Trakt account.

4. Odin

Odin kodi addon

Odin is another Kodi addon you should check out.

The Odin addon provides on-demand entertainment such as movies, television series, and documentaries. It also supports Real Debrid and has a one-click play option.

The addition includes a large library of 4K and 1080p content.

5. 4K

4K kodi addon

The 4K addon allows you to watch movies and TV episodes on your Kodi media player at 4K resolution.

This addon is good at finding and streaming video content in 4K, the highest high-definition resolution, as the name implies.

The 4K Kodi addon can be found in the Narcacist’s Wizard Repository.

This addon includes movie categories such as new films, alphabetical sorting of movies, movies classified by year of release, and different genres to choose from.

To get the most out of the 4K addon, I recommend linking it to a Debrid account, such as Real Debrid.

6. The Magic Dragon


Another fantastic addon with a huge library of TV episodes and movies for never-ending amusement. The Magic Dragon addon quickly became a favorite of both Kodi specialists and casual users after its debut.

This quick and simple plugin provides you with all of your favorite stuff, including the most recent movies and episodes.

The Magic Dragon gathers up the greatest streams available, thanks to a suite of powerful scrapers.

Whether you enjoy watching movies, shows, documentaries, children’s content, sports-related videos, or simply relaxing and listening to music, The Magic Dragon has you covered.

7. Black Lightning

Black Lightning kodi addon

If you’re looking for a strong Kodi addon that specializes in movies and TV series, Black Lightning is a good choice. The plugin also includes a one-click playlist section.

The Narcacist’s Wizard Repository contains Black Lightning.

To get the most out of Black Lightning, you should consider purchasing a Real Debrid premium account.

Real Debrid will immediately add a large number of premium links with high video quality up to 4K. Trakt is also supported, so you may connect your account and sync your watch history.

8. Popcornflix

Popcornflix kodi addon

Popcornflix is an official addon for Popcornflix, the popular over-the-top streaming service.

This addon is available for FireStick, Roku, Android, iOS, and a variety of other platforms.

If you use Kodi, however, you do not need to install the program. Install the Popcornflix addon instead.

This service mostly provides feature films by independent producers.

Popcornflix is an ad-supported but free app.

9. Aliunde

Aliunde kodi addon

The Aliunde addon can be found in the Aliunde repository. This repository is compatible with Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix.

Aliunde is a multi-section Kodi addon that includes movies, TV shows, music, karaoke, documentaries, fitness, radio, and YouTube.

If you’re searching for an addon that offers all-around amusement, you should look into this one.

Aliunde is well-versed in almost every genre. It will be an excellent pick for your Kodi.

10. Odds ‘n’ Ends

Odds ‘n’ Ends kodi addon

Odds ‘n’ Ends is also a Kodi on-demand plugin. It includes films, television shows, and documentaries.

This Kodi addon has a decent library, but it may be difficult to identify the most recent or trending stuff.

It is compatible with Debrid providers such as the most popular Real Debrid.

Even if you don’t have Debrid, you can still locate a lot of free connections. However, not all of the links may function properly.

11. EnterTain ME

EnterTain ME kodi addon

EnterTain Me is a Kodi addon that deviates from the standard design of most other addons.

Its UI has a vibrant red motif that some people find refreshing. EnterTain Me may be found in the StreamArmy repository.

Except for the UI, EnterTain Me is identical to many other Kodi video addons.

It provides a selection of movies and TV shows that are scraped from the host websites by the addon.

When you select a title to view, the addon provides you with a selection of streaming URLs. So, if you’re seeking a video addon with a unique style, you should give this one a try.

12. Seren

Seren kodi addon

As of the time of writing, this add-on does not provide free streaming connections. You must instead set it up with one of three premium hosts: Real Debrid, All Debrid, or Premiumize.

Real Debrid is, of course, our favorite, not just because it is more popular, but also because it is superior.

Seren provides better playback since it uses premium connections. It quickly fetches streams, connections play quickly, and there are more HD streaming possibilities.

13. Nemesis AIO

Nemesis AIO best kodi builds

Nemesis AIO is a multi-category addon that provides material on demand.

There are the standard Movies and TV Shows categories, as well as specific categories such as Documentaries, Webcams, Gaming Videos, Anime, Cartoons, and more.

As I write, Nemesis is running smoothly. I hope it can retain its present performance level in the future.

Don’t forget to link your Real Debrid account with Nemesis AIO for a more enjoyable streaming experience.

14. Elementum

Elementum kodi addon

Elementum is a video addon that streams movies and TV episodes using BitTorrent technology.

This implies that, unlike most other Kodi video addons, Elementum does not just stream video material from host websites.

It instead depends on “providers,” which are lightweight extensions that find and aggregate BitTorrent links to the videos you wish to watch.

You may use this addon to either watch or download your favorite movies or series for offline viewing.

Trakt synchronization and library connection are also available through Elementum.

Movies, TV Shows, Torrents, Search, History, and other categories are available.

We advocate utilizing a VPN in conjunction with this addon since Elementum allows you to access video material using torrenting technologies.

15. SealTeam 6

SealTeam 6 kodi addon

The SouthPaw Repository hosts SealTeam, a Kodi video addon. It’s a very new addon that works with Kodi 19.4 Matrix.

SealTeam 6 has a large library of free, continuously updated movies and TV series.

Its UI is based on the well-known Exodus addon.

Seal Team 6 has numerous parts to browse through to help you choose a title, such as new releases, episodes, and channels.

SealTeam 6 also has a search function that works rather well.

You may connect your Real Debrid account to this Kodi addon to have access to even more premium connections. SealTeam 6 also collaborates with Trakt.

16. M-E-T-V

METV best kodi builds

M-E-T-V is a Kodi plugin that does everything.

Since its debut, it has been a popular addition.

M-E-T-V is a wonderful choice for fans of both new releases and old favorites. This addon also allows you to watch black-and-white movies and Westerns.

Because the addon is compatible with Real Debrid, you may enhance streaming speed and eliminate buffering.

When you integrate your Real-Debrid account, you receive access to high-quality video links.

M-E-T-V can be found in the EzzerMacs Repository and is compatible with both Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix.

17. THX 1138

THX 1138 kodi addon

THX 1138 is a remarkable choice for movies and TV shows. It’s a third-party addon that provides on-demand entertainment. You may also view documentaries, cartoons, and other kid-friendly films.

The content collection of the addon is extensive. Furthermore, fresh information is added regularly.

You may search for material by genre, decade, certification, language, most viewed, trending, and more.

The THX 1138 comes with free scrapers. However, combining it with Real Debrid for high-quality connections is an excellent idea.

18. Alvin

Alvin Kodi Addon

The Octopus repository contains the Alvin Kodi addon (as I write this).

This addon appears to be a fork of Exodus V8. Both have a similar, if not identical, layout.

Alvin is extracting a lot of high-quality connections, several of which are in 1080p. It also contains a vast library of content.

Despite the lack of fancy categories, the Alvin plugin is worth considering if you want a basic addition that allows you to easily watch movies and episodes in excellent resolution.

19. Crazy Canucks

Crazy Canucks kodi addon

Crazy Canucks is another video-on-demand Kodi addon that includes movies and television series. You may also watch YouTube videos with it.

This third-party addon is compatible with Trakt and Real Debrid.

Right now, it appears to be a good streaming addition.

20. Scrubs

Scrubs best kodi builds

Scrubs is another on-demand addon on our list of the top Kodi addons.

For easier navigation, the Scrubs plugin features three key categories: Explore IMDb, Explore TMDb, and Explore Trakt.

Scrubs retrieves a large number of links rapidly. However, don’t expect to discover many 1080 full HD streaming.

In addition, many 720p and SD connections do not play. As a result, you’ll have to verify a few URLs until you locate one that works.

This addon is incompatible with Real Debrid.

21. SportHD

SportHD kodi addon

If you watch sports on Kodi on a daily basis, you’re probably aware of the now-defunct Sport 365 addon.

Sport HD is the sequel to that addon, which was created by the same person. Sport HD may be found in the Bugatsinho Repository. It works perfectly with Kodi 19 Matrix.

Only streaming links from the domain are collected by this addon.

Sport HD is one of the best Kodi sports addons because of the quantity and quality of live streams it offers. To keep track of events, you may sync time with your location in the settings. SportHD also lets you view a broad range of sports.

Football, racing, handball, basketball, boxing, volleyball, and many other sports are covered in the Kodi addon. Darts, chess, and snooker can also be webcast. Sport HD is an absolute must-have for every sports enthusiast who utilizes Kodi.

22. Rising Tides

Rising Tides kodi addon

Rising Tides is another Kodi sports addon. This addon allows you to watch sports, PPV events, and even other sports cable TV channels.

There aren’t many streaming options in the addon, but there are some intriguing categories. So you might want to give it a try.

23. Mad Titan Sports

If you appreciate a wide range of sports, there is no better Kodi addon than this one.

Mad Titan now features a Live TV and Movies on Demand section. As a consequence, it’s a trustworthy all-in-one streaming service.

You may view almost all of the major live sporting events in the United States, as well as replays, using this addon.

It is available in the Magnetic Repository and is compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix.

Mad Titan Sports concentrates on American sports such as the NFL, NBA, and NHL.

Other sports accessible include fight sports (MMA and wrestling) and soccer.

Replays and highlights of previously broadcast events are available in separate sections. There is also a section for those of you who are interested in collegiate athletics.

24. ApeX Sports

ApeX Sports best kodi builds

With ApeX Sports you may watch a range of sports and athletic events live.

It is, however, not the most dependable addition. There may not be many functioning streams.

If this addon does not work for you, you may try one of the other sports Kodi extensions listed below.

25. Sportowa

Sportowa kodi addon

Sportowa TV appears to be a SportsDevil-inspired addon, but it lacks the same number of streaming possibilities.

If this addon isn’t working, try Mad Titans, SportHD, or Rising Tides.

Sportowa offers a variety of sports categories to pick from.

It also contains a variety of sports. This edition also includes a large number of live sports networks.

Many streams are dead, but many more are alive and healthy.

26. Fights on Demand

Fights on Demand kodi addon

Fights on Demand is currently one of the top Kodi addons for watching combat sports.

This addon has a variety of categories from which to choose.

It is one of the few Kodi sports addons that can broadcast Debrid.

Fights on Demand provides a plethora of alternatives for hours of streaming.

27. Wrestlers

Wrestlers kodi addon

Wrestlers is a Kodi sports addon dedicated to wrestling material.

This addon includes premieres, live programs, kickoffs, episodes, documentaries, news, rumors, wrestling channels, and other content.

Wrestlers This Kodi addon covers almost all of the major wrestling promotions.

28. Loop

Loop kodi addon

Loop is a Kodi sports addon that provides live streaming as well as on-demand content.

You can watch live streaming of sports like baseball, tennis, football, and soccer, among others.

The Loop extension also works with Debrid providers like Real Debrid. As a result, you may anticipate high-quality streaming for on-demand entertainment.

29. Centry Sports

Centry Sports kodi addon

Centry Sports is a good alternative for watching live TV and sports.

It receives live TV streaming through the Daddy Live and USTV Go websites. There is a large selection of TV networks in the United States.

Despite the fact that the addon’s name includes the word “Sports,” the sports portion is untrustworthy.

30. Fox Sports

Fox Sports kodi addon

Fox Sports is an absolute must-have for every sports fan. This Kodi addon meets the demands of all sports fans.

You can even watch important sporting events live with our fantastic Kodi Sports addon.

This is an authentic Fox product. It is, however, accessible through a third-party repository.

Please keep in mind that this addon requires a Fox Sports channel membership.

31. Winner

Winner kodi addon

The Winner Kodi addon is an excellent choice for streaming sports material, including live streams.

How to Use a Kodi Build

You can now access your best Kodi Builds whenever you run the Kodi application after selecting and installing it.

Builds often provide a variety of categories from which to choose for streaming content on any device.

Users can traverse these categories to locate viewing alternatives, or they can access the Kodi addons that are pre-installed on their build.

Many will also offer music, podcasts, weather, and a wealth of information all in one place.

The best way to obtain an all-encompassing experience on any streaming device is to use a Kodi build!

Most Kodi builds may incorporate a Real-Debrid account to give you with the finest streaming links.

The easiest approach to learn how to use a Kodi Build is to experiment with it and discover all of the capabilities available in your installed build.


Which Kodi builds are the best?

Diggz Xenon, No Limits Magic, Doomzday, Slamious, Misfit Mods, Titanium, and many more are among the best Kodi builds available.

What exactly is a Kodi Build?

A Kodi build is a comprehensive platform that includes a plethora of functional addons and other features for a comfortable streaming experience.

What Is a Kodi Build?

Installing and picking from several categories like as Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Fitness, Kids, and many more is all that is required to use a Kodi Build.

Are Kodi Addons Legal?

Yes. Installing and using Kodi Builds is legal. However, what you gain access to on a build may be illegal. Always use a VPN with Kodi to protect your privacy when streaming.

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